privacy and security

privacy and security
Answer in 1 paragraph for each question:
let’s say you have purchased a product, e.g. printer, camera, some kind of device. The device comes with software, which is installed. Then you try the product and
nothing happens. What steps would you take to get the product to work?
define the five active preventive maintenance procedures. Which PPMPs should be utilized for the Operating system and software. Which of the five do you feel is the
most important and why
List and discuss in details at least 5 keystroke commands you can use in vi?
Linux password information is located in the /etc/passwd file. The following are two records from the /etc/passwd file:
Describe the name and purpose of each column which are separated by semicolon
How would an IT department write a guidance document about the difference between public and secured wifi for the common non-IT employee?
In what ways can you reduce the costs of the test equipment used?
What is the best approach to have to IT security? Is there on approach that works well or is it a combination of proactive and reactive measures?
What are the differences between privacy and security?

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